Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Question of Epics

12/05/06 9pm: Note to self: replace alarm clock radio with a version that requires two-button sequence for changing time.

Hopefully stree will end soon. I'll probably have to be late on my mailout extravaganza because as of today--nothing is printed, much less edited.

Kilroy and Tina is pausing its run due to creator burnout (I'm being positive about it coming back). The Green Avenger went on pause due to creator crisis that hit very close to home right now (need to send her a note). Elf Life is doing something again, but set after the epic wedding story (and on the site I wasn't watching of course) because the wedding story was "too epic to tackle." That's 2 out of 3 that ended up saying "epics are hard."

I'm not denying burnout. I feel so burnout that the ashes are smothering the creative spark. I'm curious and a bit fretful and a fan that will miss the product.

Curious: Is it just a case of vision exceeding capabilities? Is it just a case of creating one thing but the medium has turned it into something else?

Fretful: If I do a webcomic, especially the one that lurks in me brain, am I doomed for failure?

You seem I'm thinking epic (7 main characters and I just added 3 more, plus flashback characters), I already know it will be huge, but I'm thinking graphic novel with beginning, middle, and end that is serialized page by page.

Yes, I'm being silly since I need to have it scripted and find an artist first. This is what happens when an academic is wornout and abused by life in general. Brain goes in a weird direction.

12/6/06 1:22pm: Funny, I write out my worries and find Websnark discussing the same thing with Cheshire Crossing; At least once in this essay, I wrote 'Weir" as "Weird." I'm certain no one has ever done that before in Andy Weir's life.

I hadn't thought of this method, waiting until the whole chapter was done. So brain has stopped fretting about this topic for now.

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