Friday, December 22, 2006

How it went

Well, 5 sites for freelancers: 1 had to pay for membership, 3 let you sign-up for free, and is a site of classified ads. Dismiss the one for pay. Out of the 3 that let you sign up for free, 2 need you to upgrade to paying memberships before bidding on jobs. Okay, if I was freelancing for all my money that would be a necessary expense. So I emailed one add on Craigslist and bid on nine projects at And it's competitive there. But I had fun with some of the bids after I got tired of just listing my skills set.

"How does a third-generation pack rat try to break free of messy habits and become organizied? This would be the approach I would take. No preaching to the audience, but a fellow disorganizied scatter brain bettering herself is the approach I would take this project. And I'm happy to research new ways of organizing time and space to include in this book." -- I'm not as happy with it this morning (seeing ways to improve it), but it's more fun than "I can write; hire me."

"I'm the handy(wo)man in this household. I would fully research each and every topic assigned to me on power tools." -- I still like this one.

But the free account limits you to 15 bids in a month, so I have to use them carefully. I'll be keeping my eyes open on the other sites might let me start bidding, but not holding my breath.

Upcoming agenda:
  • Call Dad about Demco stuff today

  • Finish personal financial outlook with Quicken and new workbook

  • Buy Christmas presents for Dad, Hannah, and Krista. Get wrapping paper from Mom.


  • Wrap up Billy and Misty baby gifts so all I have to do is pack the car.

  • Put together Ikea shelves and rearrange movies.

  • Enter the pile of new books into BookCAT

  • Website updates

  • Help Mom just short of going nuts

  • Writing list
    • Uncle Keith's obit

    • Spec letter to Uncle Dean

    • Alien species outlines for Zy's Novel

    • Alien languages for Zy's Novel

    • Pages in Zy's Novel

    • Editing Blue Man

    • Editing Covenant

    • Outlining webcomic project

    • Printing and double checking Dec. mailout

    • Research markets

    • Goto State Library for research

  • Find dice for Eric's Twelfth Night Feast

  • Drink more water and go to the gym

  • Mail spec letter to Uncle Dean

  • Bring pile for Marian to WORK

  • Get LEO password and business card to fax payroll info

  • Buy 2 more Ikea shelves

  • Bid on 10 freelance jobs

I'm going to have to make the crossed-off stuff disappear over the weekend. But for now it gives the illusion of progress.

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