Friday, December 08, 2006

Life getting back to normal slowly

My first time back in the gym since Ocotber. Damn, it was a hard 30 minutes but I made it through it. Of course the last 15 minutes we're spent going "you made it now how about 5 more minutes?" until 30 had passed.

Uncle Scott is finally back in a regular hospital room. He had surgery Tuesday and the CAT scans and MRIs since then show that they got all of the tumor. There is a slight weakness in his left side, but therapy should bring that back.

Now the pathology said it was a low-grade, malignant tumor, so therapy is necessary. Mom wants chemo rather than radiation. Regardless, my uncle will have to go in for MRIs every three months for the rest of his life. At leat now we can calm down and take a big sigh a relief.

I haven't started on any of the website work, and last I checked there were no responses from Alt. Biker Mice Site. But I found a new toy I want to use at the Library. At DoomBuggies.Com, they have audio controls on the page (scroll down and you can't miss them). Now the first page has embedded sound, which drives me crazy because you can never shut them off. And that was always a drawback to included the songs in the stories because they would just play over and over again and drive viewers batty like me. But this control would allow me to put the song with the lyrics and give the viewers a choice to listen or not while reading and it will stop after playing once. More research is necessary to figure out how to do it.

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Mez said...

Big catchups again huh? Glad to hear the writing is going somewhere.