Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Am I Back?

Remember what I said about plans and me? Wednesday night I found out that my cousin wanted to babysit the sick people and Mom needed me to drive to Austin. So it was quick run there and back, packed my tools and clothes, and drove to Lafayette.

It was site clean up, and with 6 people on Saturday and 5 people on Sunday we accomplished what we set out to do. Plus we had a look at the shady area:

Faire's going to be gorgeous this year.

So Kai and Atticus are safely back in Austin, I'm safely back home, and should have a whole week at work this week. *Knocks on wood* However, I'm having the hardest time getting back into the routine. As in, there is no routine established yet. Maybe by the holidays.

Upcoming agenda:
  • Call Dad about Demco stuff today

  • Finish personal financial outlook with Quicken and new workbook

  • Buy Christmas presents for Dad, Hannah, and Krista. Get wrapping paper from Mom.


  • Wrap up Billy and Misty baby gifts so all I have to do is pack the car.

  • Put together Ikea shelves and rearrange movies.

  • Enter the pile of new books into BookCAT

  • Website updates

  • Help Mom just short of going nuts

  • Writing list
    • Uncle Keith's obit

    • Spec letter to Uncle Dean

    • Alien species outlines for Zy's Novel

    • Alien languages for Zy's Novel

    • Pages in Zy's Novel

    • Editing Blue Man

    • Editing Covenant

    • Outlining webcomic project

    • Printing and double checking Dec. mailout

    • Research markets

    • Goto State Library for research

  • Find dice for Eric's Twelfth Night Feast

  • Drink more water and go to the gym

*Headdesk* Wake me up when December ends.

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There is a Acadiana Medieval Faire at: http://www.acadianafaire.org/

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Mez said...

You forgot "sleep" ;)