Monday, December 11, 2006

Many round ups?

I tend to write blog posts out on paper when I'm too busy to type or away from my desk. I date them right, but sometimes they all go up at once. I started this handwriting while playing a game to wind down for bed Saturday night.

Saturday was spent enjoying the company of my sister and nephew. SO nothing got done much house or writing-wise. But it's not often I get to do the doting aunt thing, so I splurged with quality time.

Sunday was supposed to be a get back on schedule day and test new alarm clock. It didn't happen. I think I slept right through it. It ended up having a vivid dream that hatched a new story idea. I probably need a better way to store plot bunnies. I cooked and tried to work on some graphics stuff, but nothing was pleasing me. Annoyed that nobody said anything about Alt BM Site changes. Yeah, less work? *shrugs* I guess everyone is happy with it for now. I ended up playing a couple of computer games and rewatching the Ghosthunters Season 1 DVDs.

Today is looking halfway good. Alarm clock worked; I just couldn't pull myself out of bed. And if the Saints can kick the Cowboys collective butts all over Texas, I can can get my happy butt to the gym for 30 minutes. I need to get back into the routine of writing, or at least do some background alien work. I'm not as far along as edits as I would like and I still haven't figured out when I can have a marketing day. But I'm feeling hopeful about it.

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