Tuesday, December 05, 2006

So tired

Sunday: Kai and Atticus arrive via train to New Orleans. Me go get. No matter what Kai gets on when I have to pick her up, she's later. Train supposed to be there at 4pm. Got in at 8:30pm.

Uncle Keith's funeral was Monday. We went. It actually went pretty decently. Let here for having a formal dressed Marine in the cemetary. Yes, Uncle Keith was a Marine. Yes, he should have stayed in. Nope didn't go to 'Nam, but told everybody he had.

Tuesday, Uncle Scott has to gave an MRI before surgery. Surgery scheduled at 10:30am. We got there at 6am. Then they didn't tell us he went straight from MRI to surgery. Surgery actually started noon-ish, got finished 3:30pm-ish, and neurosurgeon said it went well. COurse we really don't know anything until the biopsy of the tumor comes back from the lab. As of 5pm, both Mom and Uncle Scott's girlfriend Sherry had seen him but he was still waiting in recovery for a room. He was talking and knew stuff (his head hurt and they put a cathater in him again). We went home with a detour at Target to buy stuff for Atticus.

Very tired, trying to get the computer shut down so I can go to bed and get back on routine tomorrow. At least that is my plan as far as that goes.

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