Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sad money situation

Okay, I've been money stupid in 2006. Really money stupid. And while I have cash coming in January from student loans, I think I need another income source I can dedicate to this list:
  1. outstanding debts

  2. emergency savings

  3. construction projects

  4. Faire expenses

  5. vacations

  6. retirement--moving Roth IRA from CD to something with stocks

  7. 1 or 2 CDs for safety sake

  8. mortgage
therefore leaving the regular paycheck for monthly bills, groceries, and fun splurges. This is the rough draft; I have to finish my Quicken bookkeeping before I have concrete numbers to work with. But I can see the red ink already; I just don't know how many numbers between the minus sign and the decimal point. Income streams are paycheck and student loans. Fiction hasn't paid yet, neither has AMF writing gig.

So I need another source of income that pays but it has to be flexible with the rest of my schedule. Freelance writing looks to be the only option. I have 5 websites that are reputable. They all have jobs I can do.

But I'm scared.

Oh this is absolutely fucked up. How the hell did I turn into a writer that is scared of writing? Scared of trying anything new?

Okay, anxiety police, self-esteem demons, etc. I'm freaked over being broke. This is a temporary condition and I have a plan to fix it. My writing skills are part of the fix and I have good ones.

I will not crack under this pressure.
I will be working all weekend to clease me, my house, my finances, and get a good hunk of that list done so I am free to focus.
I will get back on a schedule.
I will restart my fiction.
I will also apply for a gas station credit card so I will be free from the worry of getting back and forth to the paying job.

Tonight--regardless of how drained I feel--I'm bidding on at least 10 jobs (2 on each site). Wait 3 days and bid on 2 more each site again.

You know, I think this is the first time I have called the anxiety crap out. ANd it worked. Wow. I feel so much better now. Even about the agenda list that keeps getting longer. Now I have to go print this post out to remember everything I need to do.

Upcoming agenda:
  • Call Dad about Demco stuff today

  • Finish personal financial outlook with Quicken and new workbook

  • Buy Christmas presents for Dad, Hannah, and Krista. Get wrapping paper from Mom.


  • Wrap up Billy and Misty baby gifts so all I have to do is pack the car.

  • Put together Ikea shelves and rearrange movies.

  • Enter the pile of new books into BookCAT

  • Website updates

  • Help Mom just short of going nuts

  • Writing list
    • Uncle Keith's obit

    • Spec letter to Uncle Dean

    • Alien species outlines for Zy's Novel

    • Alien languages for Zy's Novel

    • Pages in Zy's Novel

    • Editing Blue Man

    • Editing Covenant

    • Outlining webcomic project

    • Printing and double checking Dec. mailout

    • Research markets

    • Goto State Library for research

  • Find dice for Eric's Twelfth Night Feast

  • Drink more water and go to the gym

  • Mail spec letter to Uncle Dean

  • Bring pile for Marian to WORK

  • Get LEO password and business card to fax payroll info

  • Buy 2 more Ikea shelves

  • Bid on 10 freelance jobs

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Mez said...

Good luck with the bids :) Hubby and I got out of our money woes by dropping everything that was luxury in our life, including hobbies, for a full year. Worked a treat; we can now afford to indulge on expansive camera lenses, new furniture and holidays. You just need to be tough for a while. And it's not like you would lack entertainment; writing is it's own fun :)

KLCtheBookWorm said...

I know I spent too much on DVDs, books, eating out, and things around the house. Quicken is just to confirm so I can work out a reasonable budget. Exactly how much do I spend on car upkeep and gas? Underestimate that and I'm screwed alot. 2007 is probably going to be a lean year, but it will all work out.