Sunday, December 03, 2006

Family drama has already started

Just when you hope the family is going to pull together and act right, they have to go and prove you wrong. I missed the worst display of it being at work and Uncle Scott made out his list of who he didn't want to see because "they're just crazy." But I know Our Lady of the Lake staff is talking about those crazy coonass Vamprans.

As I asked Chad last night, "Does it mean there's hope for me since I'm the product of the two sanest people of their respective families?"

Uncle Keith's funeral arrangements were made without consulting us and his wishes aren't being followed. My aunt Marsha is preaching the service. Granted, I've come to get really annoyed with ordained preachers who treat a funeral not as a celebration of the deceased's life but as an opportunity to get a Sunday sermon into the gathered crowd, but we have ordained cousins and friends of the family who would do it for the family. The train wreck is Monday and I don't know what my mother and grandmother are planning to do.

Uncle Scott's surgery is Tuesday. My sister Kai is coming in by train this afternoon. My sister Krista is coming in sometime Monday. My grandmother is set up at a rehab hospital and is liking it so far. No, the bleeding ulcer wasn't treated with anything since it was scabbing over, so she's still bleeding.

I finished the paper, so today I've got to get the finals 90% complete, as well as go to the store, go pick up Kai and Atticus, and squeeze in a visit to MaMa. Though I'm thinking if I end up taking off the next two days from work, I might be able to put off the visit part.

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Anonymous said...

Third try...why won't my comments post???

Mez said...

Okay, now they are posting...and I've forgotten what I wanted to say :(

Condolences, anyway. *hug*

Oh, that's right! I remember. It's nice to know that there's a family out there loopier than mine.

I hope the service goes well, but if it doesn't, just think of it as fodder for your amazing writing career :)