Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Finals are Over; Long Life the Finals

Yeap, done a day ealry. But at the same time I feel like crapola. I suppose that really shouldn't be that surprising, given everything that's going on. And how wonky my sleep schedule got.

I should have brought coloring to work on today. Instead it's writing. I'm still undecided if it's a good day or bad day for that.

Tomorrow is my mailout extravaganza and I'm not ready. Nothing researched, nothing edited, noting printed. I hate to delay it...

*Pauses to go get much needed caffine*

Much better. Try just having one can tomorrow. Today has to be 2. Where was I? Delaying the mailout. I've done the mailout blind before and failed miserably. But delay too long and run into holiday issues. And SLU library will now be closed at 4:30pm Monday - Friday and closed all day Saturday and Sunday. *headdesk*

There is a backup choice. The State Library closes at 5pm, but I'm only four or five blocks from it. I usually squeeze through before the doors are locked. Unfortunately no Saturday hours either but they have magazines.

So the plan has changed: Library on Fridays, mailout Dec 28th, and me in the gym tonight. Already stress is easing. I was feeling bad about no research.

Now the mailout list:
  • The Front Porch
  • the Rose
  • Father's Love
  • Dreams of the Dead
  • the Blue Man on the Porch
  • Covenant of the Restless
  • Hitchhiking Highwayman
Blue Man on the Porch and Covenant of the Restless are not ready for publication, so I will hold them back until June's mailout unless a miracle happens in the next twenty days (and I think I spent all my saved up brownie points on Uncle Scott).

I think that covers everything I was worried about writing-wise. Now to concentrate on editing something.

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