Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sleep is for mere mortals!

Scholars' College would make T-shirts. One of the years before I went (1995) had a top ten "statements" list. #1 was "Sleep is for mere mortals!" I don't remember what number it was but another statement that was passed on was "I worship the great god Caffine and his consort Ramen." And yet, I got burnt-out on too much funkiness like that, go figure.

Upcoming agenda:
  • Call Dad about Demco stuff today

  • Finish personal financial outlook with Quicken and new workbook

  • Buy Christmas presents for Dad, Hannah, and Krista. Get wrapping paper from Mom.


  • Wrap up Billy and Misty baby gifts so all I have to do is pack the car.

  • Put together Ikea shelves and rearrange movies.

  • Enter the pile of new books into BookCAT

  • Website updates

  • Help Mom just short of going nuts

  • Writing list
    • Uncle Keith's obit

    • Spec letter to Uncle Dean

    • Alien species outlines for Zy's Novel

    • Alien languages for Zy's Novel

    • Pages in Zy's Novel

    • Editing Blue Man

    • Editing Covenant

    • Outlining webcomic project

    • Printing and double checking Dec. mailout

    • Research markets

    • Goto State Library for research

  • Find dice for Eric's Twelfth Night Feast

  • Drink more water and go to the gym

  • Mail spec letter to Uncle Dean

I have good intentions but I have to stop going to Mom's. One hour spent there and I'm wiped out and no good for whatelse I need to do that night.

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