Friday, July 21, 2006

Spinning wheels round and round

I doubt very seriously I have ever been in a moderating syndrome like this one. I've tried initiating "Robert's sliding rules for parlimentary behavior" as we called it in our meeting Sunday. Basically, sticking to the voting and "seconds" of ideas and make the rest up as we go along. It's not working.

I'm not surprised really. But that's all the hand-wringing I'm going to do on the issue.

I found my To Do List at home, and it is mostly housework related. :p


  • Cook

  • Dust and Vaccuum--especially AC filters

  • Scrub bathroom

  • Sort paperwork in living room

  • Laundry

  • Move table and chairs

  • Clean back porch

  • Clean office

  • Enter books and shelve

  • Scan papers

  • Mop kitchen

  • Go back to gym

  • Burn trash paper and wood pile

  • Work on Writing To Do List


  • Zy's Novel

  • Submit two stories

  • Edit Blue Man

  • Edit Capt. Kate

  • Canterbury Murder Mystery

  • AMF 2007 Resource Guide

  • Cooking Show script

  • Let Us Give Thanks

I really hate the To Do List, but most of what's on it is stuff I've ignored for a while.

So I'm skipping a pirate test film shoot with Castaways to save on gas and clean house so I don't kill my boyfriend should he actually get to come to my house in August and to get these projects done before school starts on August 21st. And my first class would be that night too.

So today, I'm going to relax and finish out the fanfic. I only have a few more scenes to go before the end and then need to go back for an extra scene from Tala's POV. It may end up unneccessary, but being this is the second time in so many months (for the story timeline), she's being called to be altruistic, some self-reflection maybe in order. It can always go out.

*Sigh* I just don't know. Maybe it's the breaks inbetween working on this project, but I really think the last half of this story does not measure to the first half. I don't seem to be feeling this way about Zy's Novel when I get to work on it, so maybe I'm just dissatisified with the story overall. Better idea than executed type of thing.

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t said...

Forgot how much of a mission it was to leave comments in here :P

re the moderating thing -- depending on how disorgnaised that thread gets I think I might try implementing "one topic per issue" which might help with your sliding rules idea :P

KLCtheBookWorm said...

I can't seem to make it better without getting a lot of spam comments. *Shrug*

As for the moderating, it's a good idea, it should work, and expect the threads to go dead before we get a chance to vote if the majority seems to be leaning toward a "nay" vote.

Gee, I wish Congress would work like that. Maybe they'd waste less time on stupid shit.