Monday, July 31, 2006

Back on the Track Day 3

I need to put some dividers into my Exercise Records binder. I'm trying to keep the day I'm on at the front of the binder, but it is getting mixed up with other information--like the stretching routine. Maybe if I had a divider labeled "Today's Workout." Remember to look through office supplies at home.

Even though I never stopped moving Thursday - Saturday, I didn't go to the gym for my scheduled time. So I'm only on Day 3 of the program. To combat my lack of exercise progress, I'm back on the diet as strict as possible--measure, measure, measure.

It's also Monday, so it's time for the weekly update.

Weight: 197 lbs/89.36 kg
Height: 61.5 in/156.21 cm
Waist: 107.8 cm
Abdomen: 107.6 cm
Hips: 122.50
Knee: 43 cm
Neck: 38 cm
Shoulders: 122.4 cm
Chest: 117.6 cm
Thigh: 63.8 cm
Calf: 42.5 cm
Ankle: 23.8 cm
Arm: 31 cm
Forearm: 26.6 cm
Wrist: 15.6 cm
BMI: 36.62

I may start playing with the other health tools at FitTogether.Net. They also have a food log and an exercise log. Ah, I can't play with those without upgrading to a paid membership. Pass, I can't afford that right now.

The new shoes worked better without the inner soles back on Wednesday. I'm going to try to give them a full week, which isn't hard since I don't get paid till Thursday.

You may not know that I write most of these entries before I actually go work out. So I didn't know until before I went to bed that I lost 2 pounds! Okay, it probably is water weight, but yeah! something's shrinking!

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