Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The light at the end of the tunnel

I'm finished uploading all content for Alt. BM Site version 2.0 (cue all the neato sound effects)!

No, I didn't get the last two issues fixed. I'm going to keep the test site for me to play with the Views module and see if I can fix the last two issues, while letting the fans play. Basically I'm tired of seeing the stuff in my emailboxes.

Tonight, is actually move the database and files into place on the correct server. Provided that goes smoothly, will start emailing the contributors. If it doesn't go smoothly, I have all night to fix it and then email and announce on Thursday. Friday is out because I'll be headed to Lafayette and probably offline for the rest of the weekend.


Ahem, right. It looks like I'll actually begin exercising again next week. In light of all this, I set Zy's Novel aside and picked up fanfic. Less higher brain functions involved, or maybe just different higher brain functions. The story's conclusion isn't making me jump up and down with joy though--but I think I'd feel that way about anything I'm writing right now. So best spend the blahs on something that's not career crucial. Maybe I need more scenes with Amethyst. I like Amethyst, even though she's not going to show up again till story 30 or so.

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