Monday, July 24, 2006

Back on the Track Again: Intro

The major stress of recent time is over; Alt. BM Site is now up and running, and appears to be mostly stable. So it's time to get to get my fat ass back in the gym.

Weight: 199.5 lbs / 90.49 kg
Height: 61.5 in / 156.21 cm
Neck: 39.00 cm
Shoulders: 123.20 cm
Chest: 118.50 cm
Waist: 104.00 cm
Abdomen: 104.70 cm
Hips: 123.00 cm
Thigh: 66.00 cm
Knee: 42.00 cm
Calf: 42.70 cm
Ankle: 22.40 cm
Arm: 32.80 cm
Forearm: 26.60 cm
Wrist: 15.30 cm BMI: 37.08

So nah, I'm not being down on myself with that description--I'm trying to be blunt with myself. I'm going to be starting with About Walking's Let's Get Walking 4 week course and will follow that up with the Walk of Life Program.

So what are my goals? The Ideal Weight Calculator says I should be 105 lbs. I was 120 lbs. only 11 years ago. I don't want to set myself up for failure; however, I don't want Faire in April to kill me. I'm going to lose 5 pounds a month. So by March 24th, I should weight at the most: 159.50 pounds. The BMI needs to move down between 20 - 25. I'd be thrilled if I got back into the size 14s or size12s I have lurking in the closet. And once I get some progress on the weight losss, I can confront the size 4 leftovers in the closet. That covers seven months. The other reason to have small goals is classes start in about four weeks. There goes two nights a week for exercise.

Aug. 24th = 194.5 lbs
Sep. 24th = 189.5 lbs
Oct. 24th = 184.5 lbs
Nov. 24th = 179.5 lbs
Dec. 24th = 174.5 lbs
Jan. 24th = 169.5 lbs
Feb. 24th = 164.5 lbs
Mar. 24th = 159.5 lbs

Then it will be time to reaccess. I'm secretly hoping to lose more than that (don't we all). More importantly though, I have to get in shape and lose weight to get the diabetes under control and keep it there.

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You can do it!

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