Saturday, July 22, 2006

Less stress, the fantasy goal was less stress

"Fantasy" because it hasn't happened yet and I was silly enough to think it would.

Yes, this was started way earlier in the day, and I forgot about it. Now I'm tired, icky, and only half the house is done. And now the massive storm we're having is messing with the DSL. Fun. My feet hurt and I want everyone to play nice.

I may have a chance with making my feet not hurt.

SHIT! I think that lightening bolt struck the ground right outside the window! Nothing's on fire so I guess it didn't.

So how far did I make it on the dreaded TO DO LIST.
  • Cook

  • Dust and Vaccuum--especially AC filters = bedroom, hall, bathroom through dusted and vacuumed.

  • Scrub bathroom

  • Sort paperwork in living room

  • Laundry = almost done but with horizontal rain coming onto the back porch, clothes don't stay dry.

  • Move table and chairs = not yet, Mother nature is trying to wash us away right now. And nobody was home earlier.

  • Clean back porch

  • Clean office

  • Enter books and shelve = done with bedroom shelves and got rid of duplicate books. *Sigh* I really need a nice set of Agatha Christie's all in hardcover.

  • Scan papers

  • Mop kitchen

  • Go back to gym

  • Burn trash paper and wood pile

  • Work on Writing To Do List


    • Zy's Novel

    • Submit two stories

    • Edit Blue Man

    • Edit Capt. Kate

    • Canterbury Murder Mystery

    • AMF 2007 Resource Guide

    • Cooking Show script

    • Let Us Give Thanks

Yeah, I', going to be working at this tomorrow too. Now to go make sure my roof's not leaking and cook supper.

Finally, the storm has eased up and I can post this.

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