Friday, July 14, 2006

Going live blues

Bek sent me helpful ideas and I broke down and asked Drupal. I'm think it is a database issue, and I'll keep having little headaches like this until I get that cleaned up. Everybody else just make soothing noises in my directions. (Note to self, don't plan to go online during PMS week with a new system EVER again. I swear this tension and stress is hormone induced.)

So I suppose my next step is to design something for people to get redirected to if I need to go offline to fix the database issue. Or just tweak the message Drupal provides.

I'm tired of being so confused and want to have a class on Drupal. I think I'll go do filing now. Soothing filing. And then have Modo quote "Law and Order" at cops. I think the guy who watched every episode of "L.A. Law" 3 times would have started on that series too. And the times fit.

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