Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cleaning blues

If I only have one day of cleaning energy out of seven available, maybe I shouldn't be so messy.

In short, I can't get myself geared up for the second half of the house. I'm almost done with the living room, but mostly because what was in there was shuffled back to the office and back bedroom. The back bedroom isn't too bad, mostly get the AMF garb out of the way and break down the sewing stuff. The office is now very scary.

And I got cabin fever thanks to all the rain.

Okay, I'm going to finish up the living room and treat myself to Mexican that somebody else cooks. Then I should be fortified enough to come back and conquer the kitchen, and vacuum the office. The back bedroom and actual office organization (i.e. go through the damn paperwork piled up) may have to wait till next weekend.

8pm After supper update. I think I'm done for the night. My feet are all achey, and I can't stand up any more.

So how far did I make it on the dreaded TO DO LIST Day Two?
  • Cook = have to clean the fridge out first.

  • Dust and Vaccuum = everywhere vacuumed but the office proper.

  • Scrub bathroom

  • Sort paperwork in living room office

  • Laundry

  • Move table and chairs

  • Clean back porch

  • Clean office

  • Enter books and shelve = done with bedroom and living room shelves. Need to finish office shelves and pile of new books.

  • Scan papers

  • Mop kitchen

  • Go back to gym

  • Burn trash paper and wood pile

  • Work on Writing To Do List


    • Zy's Novel

    • Submit two stories

    • Edit Blue Man

    • Edit Capt. Kate

    • Canterbury Murder Mystery

    • AMF 2007 Resource Guide

    • Cooking Show script

    • Let Us Give Thanks

A few more things gone. You can add "walking into the back bedroom is possible now" but I did pile a lot on the bed to achieve that. Poot, nobody's sleeping in said bed anyway.

However cleaning-off the back porch and installing lockable cabinets out there need to go up the priority chain. I have a set of shelves in my kitchen filled with tools that I can't leave outside because someone may walk off with them. Mind you, it's not professionals; it's people we have a genetic tie to who "borrow and never return." A nice shinny padlock usually deters that. And then I would have a set of shelves to put kitchen stuff on.

The office is going to be a pain in the ass. And while cleaning the living room I realized that I have overflown the movie bookshelves again. I'm thinking of media shelves to replace it, that way I don't have to drill holes to space things right. However I got more vertical space to take advantage of and it looks like most of the ones I could buy and bring home are only waist high. It'll probably end up being a special order item.

Writing was pretty much shot this weekend, but my stove is white and shinny again. Hopefully I can peck away at the office jobs during the week. I would kind of like the enjoy one weekend off from everything this month.

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