Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yeah you get the writing blahs

I think it's just another symptom of PMS. Or trying to get advised for the Spring 2006 semester stress. Or maybe I'm still stuck in left brain editing mode?

Yesterday I was stuck on Xeryl since the info I wanted to compile is on my home computer. His character work also didn't offer up any clues to his culture or species like Mylte's did. Damn bastard is hiding from me still. Unless something clicks, I'll shoulder through other characters and through the rest of the novel without getting anything more out of him.

This morning I remembered to pack my CD with most of my Zy's novel on it. I had four points written down about Xeryl, three of which I don't think hold true anymore. I found a few more in some handwritten notes, but I haven't gone searching deeply through that. I think my next step is to seperate the handwritten notes (started back in 1994) out and scan them so that there is a back up of this stuff somewhere else.

Yesterday, from Xeryl I moved to outlining duties. I got stuck because the last updated timeline is on the home computer. And I thought I had packed better that morning.

There is a copy of the timeline on the CD but I don't know if it was the updated one. Hey I forgot to check my emails. Okay I checked. I guess if there is a different copy of the timeline it must be on the last CD I made when I deleted stuff off the work computer. Which must be at home.

Yesterday I switched gears and edited for a while because nothing was happening with composing. Finished it this morning. Lots of blue marks. Word at work marks my changes in blue. But to have this much blue already means I've taken the critique to heart and moved on. Though I did have a few moments of pang over the implausible police behavior. I think I worked it out. Peterson and Hilden are intelligent, and fresh out of training. Blood must be protected for forensics. And since I knew it's part of the crime scene, they should know it's a crime scene too. I'm tweaked it to show their discovery process.

Strix is another issue. They're a coule of swell kids: the vampire who becomes a superhero and the woman who becomes his lover, wife, mother of his child, and a ghost. This is the story of how they met, fell in love, and gave birth to a superhero that their daughter will eventually inherit while solving some pesky murders. This should be a breeze to write and every time I work on it, I freeze up. Haven't figured that one yet.

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Anne Merril said...

Testing, testing...

PMS is absolutely the WORST for writing slumps. You did a good thing; no writing, but still working on edits :) Let it ride itself out and get back to it.

I'm hanging out for Strix, it sounds really interesting!

Hang in there with poor old Xeryl - I'm sure you'll work him out eventually :)

Anne Merril said...

Okay, just read the edit of "blue man". Two thumbs up! That's a huge improvement. Nice and tight, moves a lot faster and much more believable. Getting more of a feel for Cyndia, and the cops don't come across as simpletons.

I espcially liked "Cyndia sighed and rattled off the street name and number. Her right bicep trembled with keeping the shotgun up, and her neck was going to be permanently bent toward her left shoulder."

Makes us feel a bit closer to her. Well done!

KLCtheBookWorm said...

You're going to make me go all blushy. And the bike is so not cooperating with me tonight.

Though I did some heavy thinking about Strix. I'm afraid of cliches. I don't know WHY at this stage in the game, probably because of the critiques I got on the original version. I'll be going through Holly Lisle's How to Steal Ideas exercise later.

Anne Merril said...

Well, it doesn't sound particularly cliche at the moment, but then you've only got a 1 line description. Send me a brief synopsis if you want and I can go cliche hunting :)

I haven't seen that tutorial; I'll go and have a squiz at her website again.

KLCtheBookWorm said...

Sent via email. Now to figure out how to pack the writing stuff and the school stuff in the same bag.