Thursday, November 17, 2005

Is it believable?

Oh ack! Yes, that's the best way to describe it, ack!

Xeryl, Xeryl, Xeryl. I'm working on understanding Xeryl, the romantic subplot lead, deboniare bad boy, reluctant partner, in the pool of victims, and keeping a secret. He's smart, witty, ready and has made hard choice to succeed in what he has set out to do. He plans, he thinks things through, he doesn't express losing his temper. He's a great foil for the impulsive Zy who doesn't trust him or his motives, but can't help falling for him. Playing at purse-er and pursue-ee, this romantic sub-plot is supposed to last through the series.

Must remember to update the Discipline Under Fire links.

Anyways, the problem that has made work grind to screeching halt and is making me looking longingly at my homework: chasing Zy endangers his secret and Xeryl is too smart to endanger his secret.

How realistic is it for him to say "screw the secret," the thing that has ruled his life for at least the past decade? How realistic is it to portray a character in a mystery as being torn between the secret and wanting Zy? I can probably work with; it definately adds to Xeryl, but is it drifting into melodrama, sleazy, formulaic romance? (That stuff published by Harlequin is not what I want to write.)

I think I will go work on homework. If Xeryl will stop jumping up and down and my head begging for attention.

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Anne Merril said...

If he's jumping up and down in your head, then let him go. Give him the reins and just write it out. His ideas, his feelings and needs will come out on the page. Don't worry about it being formulaic; just let him run with his own personality.

T said...

It'd be some wonderful erratic behaviour for him I think, he starts chasing Zy, then suddenly realises that the secret is coming a bit too close to being revealed, and backs off. Maybe it becomes like a self-torture thing for him, to see how far he can push it to get what he wants without giving anything away :P

Anne Merril said...

You see? Listen to T. There are always options!

KLCtheBookWorm said...

Home again finally. But shoving him aside gave me my paper thesis (I think).

I think I was more panicking about drifting out of genre. Thanks for the pep talk.

Now I just have to get him to tell me what he sees lovable in Zy. He's being coy about that.