Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Moses in the Ice Chest

Quicky that is writing related. Today's the three-month anniversery of Katrina hitting. Tommy, a New Orleans fire fighter, called in WWL 870 this morning. He and the rest of the fire fighters listened to WWL for people calling in to report they were trapped. 22 guys took their personal boats and preformed 1500 rescues. They didn't take the news crews with them, so most people don't know they were out there.

The youngest person they rescued was a baby 8 DAYS old, floated to the boat in what Tommy called "one of them Rubbermaid things like an ice chest."

IF I ever write on Katrina--and it's a big if since I tear up still with stories like that--even in a round-about way, I'm going to use that as a title.

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