Monday, September 19, 2005

No really I hate driving

Back and forth. Back and forth. All over town for anything and everything. Getting railroaded into a social dinner when it was supposed to be a business meeting one. What specificially irks about that one is I got booted away from stuff like that before I started dating Chad, and now I'm dragged to them whether I want to go or not. There is such a thing as too nice.

I can only hope that I will actually get the new toilet installed next weekend. And hopefully more gutting of the bathroom. I'm trying to channel all this mid-project no progress stress into house cleaning.

Slept over at Chad's mother last night after dropping him off for the week. His cat tore up my toiletries bag for entertainment. *Shrugs* Got to work at ungodly early this morning. I don't like waking up at 2am. But it was a good thing, since the alarm clock didn't go off.

I got some of the reading done for class. Expect to see some reading notes soon. I'm also going to add some links to the blog so I can find my favorites.

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