Monday, September 12, 2005

Home Again

Hammond is fully operational, though having an Army base on our little league soccer field is a little surreal. So I'm back at my house, but will probably have to leave home a half-hour earlier to make it through the traffic. *Whimper*

Finally a Yankee who gets it, Barack Obama of Illinois. I especially like his quote on SUVs.

My last comments on Laurie King's blog. It's not fair to take it out on those who are in no position to change policy. Never forget, but it's time to focus on making things better.

I still haven't really unpacked or hooked in my computer. I did order a modem, which should be delivered sometime this week. Once that's in I can start working from home again on everything. Of course I fell down on getting any school work done. But hey, our professors had to evacuate too. I'll just have to spend some time doing catch up, homework and writing wise.

Ugh, computer gets plugged in tonight after class. Now I have to start reading assignments.

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