Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where Did I Put My D20?

Since I think me and ole Murphy are in a RPG roll-off, I'd like to actually see the numbers I keep coming up with and he keeps beating. If that's not possible, I'll settle for dousing AMF in Murphy repellant.

This morning not good, but it actually started last night. Last night, I needed to send three emails out concerning AMF. Turned on computer, decided to remove a program first before emails. Put on the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe while waiting on the computer. Try to open Outlook twice, get end program twice, get end program on Add/Remove software three times--all while going back and forth with the movie to keep me in a happy place. By the time Peter, Susan, and Lucy reach Aslan, I shut off the computer because end program wasn't working. I finished the movie and went to bed late.

Add to that coming home late and starving because of anemic bank account and wellness visit.

This morning, I go straight to Outlook after turning on computer. It's cranky and slow, and wants me to find the installation CD to fix the new virus scanner plug-in. I ignore all this and eventually get to the Inbox. Massive purge on the Inbox and I send off two of the three emails.

The third email is sending files to another director on the board. We already tried burning a CD earlier this week, and that was a massive fail with negative hit points on my CD drive and ahead Nero program. Not sure if I need a new drive only or a new drive and a new burning program. *Sigh* Have to email them this morning before going to work.

First attempt with Outlook: attached the three files to the email. Outlook warns me a file is illegal and I shouldn't send it. Doesn't tell me which file. I send anyway and go brush my teeth. Outlook responds with a "undeliverable mail" message.

Second attempt with Outlook: zip the three files together and attach to email and go brush hair. Outlook responds with a "undeliverable mail" message. Shut down Outlook and open Firefox to go to GMail.

Third attempt with web application for GMail: attach zip file to email, completely dressed now, pack bag. 6am DJs are on the radio. GMail refuses to send email because one of the files is an executable one. I'm boggled: how the hell do virus scammers operate?

Fourth attempt on GMail: dropped the executable file (which is an innocent Flash installer), attach the other two files, and send. the browser remains in send for fifteen minutes. I go look for Mustard. Can't find Mustard. Can't send email. Start ranting at the computer. Stop the whole process, log out, and log back in. Nothing sent.

Fifth attempt on GMail: attach only one file to the email. Carefully don't mention Murphy in the email. Send the email. Still working ten minutes later. Start ranting at computer. Realize that I shut Outlook down and it was in the middle of its final send and receive. Cancel that in case it was interfering. Rant at the computer again. Still running send. Load bag into car. Mustard shows up and gets tossed into the house. Rant at computer again and realize the news at 6:30 is on. Rant at the computer for making me late. Leave it running as I go to work.

Make it to work right at 7:30am, my on-the-clock time. Check GMail and it says sent. Finally.

So seriously, Murphy repellant?

Personal note for weight loss: I'm a stress eater, I think. Not really an overeater. I have no money until paycheck is deposited. I still haven't gotten tax refund and really need it. I need to get the car serviced and me massaged. I want Mexican, Thai, a steak, and stuffed mushrooms. NOW! I'm not even hungry yet, and the tastebuds don't want all that at the same meal. But my whatever-side-of-me-that-has-latched-onto-this wants a trip to a Mexican restaurant, a Thai restaurant, and Chelsea's or Charlie's for the steak (I don't know why the best steak places I know are both named with C's). Saying no money in the budget is not budging the desire for this food. Bizarre.

3/28/08 Update: A quick aside to explain that I had more computer woes this morning. To the point that Mustard laid both front paws on my chest while I sat at the computer to stop me from yelling at it. He's never done a cute like that and I have to admit it worked.

Windows XP seems to run fine, I might be able to get a program started but the program soon freezes when I ask it to do something (Firefox and Outlook this morning). I tried opened an Excel file and it wanted to reinstall the Excel program. I tried removing Easy Tune (whatever the hell this program is that I have never used) and was told it was in use and I couldn't uninstall (further than I got before). I just set up Avast anti-virus and it's catching a whole lot of malware. Last time I looked at the vault, it had shut down 11.

Not to start any "Windows is stupid and evil" rants from anyone, but am I expecting too much to want my programs to keep running after I start them? What I don't know is if this is a performance issue with XP (though I don't remember it acting this way before) and I need to purge the computer of software I'm not currently using or if I need to dig deeper to find more malware?

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MerylF said...

Sounds more like you are loaded with viruses and spyware. Try AVG Free and clean out your comp. If you still have probs, do a windows repair.

KLCtheBookWorm said...

I was running AVG Free, still am I think. I started running Avast and it's grabbing a whole crap load more.