Monday, March 31, 2008

Damn, damn, and triple damn

Phone calls less than productive. Too late to process paperwork to skip the car payments for April, but we could do it for May. Thanks, I'll see. Call up mortgage company. Oh the late fee was from last year and never paid off (now I think they have adjusted my automatic payment amounts at least once since incurring the late fee, because of escrow overpayment and they didn't address it then? Or take the late fee amount from the escrow account that had too much money in January?) Oh and the only way to get your due date change is to refinance the whole mortgage.

*Headdesk* *Headdesk* *Headdesk*

But work gave all employees a free state highway map today. I guess they don't want anyone to get lost during hurricane season.

The number one goal in April is to avoid the $25 overdraft fees and $5 we-did-the-transfer-for-you fees in the savings accounts. How to do that? I'm going to have to do budget reviews everyday, this week especially. I'm hoping by next paycheck I can go back to the weekly, but until I get past these first few auto payments I really can't breath easy.

Putting all bills on a credit card then paying the credit card off every two weeks when I get paid is looking really attractive again. The only thing stopping me is knowing I'm stupid with credit cards. Second consideration is would I even qualify for enough credit to cover the monthly bills? But to not have this nail biting every month is awfully attractive. But I said I would do the same thing with the gas-only credit card and all it took was forgetting to pay for two pay periods to knock away the support.

Okay, getting out of the damn circle thinking loop. I have a plan to implement.

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