Friday, March 21, 2008

Number Crunching 116

Quicken Cash Flow = -230.91

*Sigh* At least there's a paycheck deposit next week. And I need a secondary stream of income, nothing new with that. :p Sent off my taxes on March 17th and I really need to stop waiting so late. I should be getting my refund between March 26th and 31st. Once armed with my tax return numbers, I used this 2008 Economic Stimulus Package Tax Rebate Calculator. It swears I'm going to get the full $600.00 by May 16th. I still don't believe I'm getting it, been screwed too much by money I expected. Yeah, I'm still trying to get Sallie Mae straightened out so school is paid off. Me paying off Sallie Mae is a longer term position.

I got more clarifying on the difference between short-term, med-term, and long-term saving goals. I was basing my definitions on when I want to accomplish the goals.
  • Short-term = purchases costing less than $300.00
  • Med-term = purchases costing over $300.00
  • Long-term = retirement, child's education, etc.
Given what I have listed on my lists to save for, the $300 limit doesn't work with my budget. I think $500 is a better cut off for me. So after tweaking, here's what I have now on my lists.

Short-term Saving Goals
  • Dishwasher fund = $500.00
  • Reenacting hobby fund = $200.00

Med-term Saving Goals
  • Paying off Minor Debt Fund = $965.52
  • Laptop fund = $1000.00
  • Cosmetic treatments fund = $1000.00
  • STEF = $2202.00
  • European vacation = $5000.00
  • Bathroom remodel = $6000.00

Long-term Saving Goals
  • House remodel = $200,000.00
  • Retirement fund = $292,547.00
  • Atticus's college fund = $20,000.00

Currently, I'm only working on saving for the STEF badly.

I adjusted my Dfrd. Compensation plan to the Help-Me-Do-It section. I managed to avoid the "you must increase your payments in" recommendation, but I followed the allocation suggestions. It did get rid of my Stable Value Fixed Income Fund, i.e. bonds. But I'm willing to give the advice time to work.

Financial Projects
  • Measure weekly budget reviews with Joe's Goals
  • Find a Baton Rouge consignment shop
  • Finish setting up the Amazon sales
  • Do online surveys every night before bed.
  • Print out taxes.
  • Submit taxes electronically.
  • Fill out rebate calculator
  • Buy cat food
  • Research disability insurance.
  • Call Sallie Mae

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