Saturday, April 22, 2006

Interesting Times

April 21st: The Chinese proverb times, and it has been going on the whole week. Two people are leaving the office for better jobs. I’m thrilled for them, but also amused. Everyone keeps looking at me to make an announcement and I have nothing to announce.

I finally got my settlement from the 2005 wreck, but my bank wants to keep it tied up for ten days. *Sigh I was stupid, I should have went to Hibernia with it instead of depositing it with the credit union but they hit me with it at the end of the day and I couldn’t roll with the punch. Plus I was worried about the car and that put a screeching halt to getting it fixed last night.

My car had other plans. Leaving for work on this morning, I discovered my left front tire is flat. I can’t work the jack to lift the car to put the spare on, so I fill it mostly with a can of inflate-a-flat and head to Springfield. None of the tire shops are open. I head for Hammond. The car starts shaking like I’m in a jalopy. Pulled over at the next gas station and discovered that the tire has come apart.

Luckily, a nice man helped me get the spare on. (Chivilary is not dead in the South.) And I’m now sitting at Tire Kingdom waiting for them to get two new tires on, align the wheels, and change the oil. Turns out that one of the tires was bigger than the other three and that was probably a contributing factor to my alignment issues.

Hopefully, the check issue will get cleared up quickly and I can get the other important things fixed before we go to Texas again for a live-steel group event. I need to get my horn and one of the headlights replaced. The front bumper and windshield are my responsibility to fix—and waiting for the check—and the back bumper is State Farm’s responsibility once I get time to leave it with the body shop.

The TV is reminding me that I need to update my home insurance. Need to make sure I have away-from-home-expenses coverage and replacement-value coverage on contents. I probably want to update my electronics too. And if I end up making the improvements to the bathroom, I have to get that listed.

Now I’m going to move onto typing on Zy’s Novel and Blue Man while I have the time.

April 22nd: I spent about 4 and a half hours at work yesterday. Then to celebrate my income tax refund, I went out to eat with Joe and Krista, and then Krista and I went to see Silent Hill.

I enjoyed it, and Krista the true horror fan in our fan declared it alright. There is blood and gore, but by the time it really gets bad in the movie, they have set it up to where you’re almost rooting for it. They did drop the “breeding a Lovecraftian Elder god” plot line of the video game from the movie, but left enough questions on origins to pick it up in the sequel. I only hope the sequel answers what I felt was the big gip for the protagonists at the end of the movie.

So where am I now? Waiting for the other half of my car repairs to get started. Then a car wash and inspection sticker, and I should be good to go for the next 3000 miles. Still need to replace back bumper and fix front bumper and windshield, but it looks like that will have to wait until after the Tyler, Texas trip. I considered doing it today too, but I need to get the house in order (i.e. finish the back bedroom and go through that stuff) and I want that done before the trip too.

So more work on Zy’s Novel and the Blue Man while I have this enforced waiting period. When I post this online, I’ll put up what I managed to get done the last two days.

Finally posted, now time to go work on back bedroom progress!

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