Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Back Bedroom Part One

I'm a third-generation pack-rat, thank you very much. On both maternal and paternal sides. Actually, me and my sisters are trying the hardest to break the habit. I use most everything that I keep, which is a step in the right direction. Pack-rat-ness seems rooted in poverty, though I think nature and nuture work against you as well. You want to hold onto things more even though you know you have no use for it. I constantly work on it, but like all subconscious problems it's always easier to talk about stopping them.

The old closet came out easily with three people hitting it. Here's the results.

The sheetrock underneath was in bad shape. Mice had chewed holes over the years, and generally unpainted ugliness. So we had to go to Lowe's for expanding foam, paneling, and the last of the closet shelving bits. Still not finished with the closet though, I have some more bits on the shopping list.

I couldn't have hung any paneling or the rest of the shelves without my sister Krista and our friend Joe.

My mother's comment at the end of the day: "You've turned the whole room into a closet." I resisted the urge to show where this is a growing trend in America, and pointing out that the only built-in closets I have are going to be demolished when the bathroom is remodeled in the name of family harmony. I have to have storage space and preferably a place to "put things away" instead of dumping them on the floor and shutting the door.

Monday night, Krista and I went through my material stash (2 large totes--50 gallons--and 1 medium sized tote--25 gallons, I think) and she ended up with 1 large tote and the medium tote full of material to start her costume business. I kept the material I need for my new list of sewing projects, and that will fit in the medium tote once Krista is through transporting fabric. I'm not going to lie and say it was easy to let go of the fabric. There was a lot of stuff I had fell in love with. But for now on, only falling in love when I have a specific project in mind.

Next step is to go through the Garb Closet and organize it. Of course I make these things so time consuming when I add in I want pictures of me modeling completed garb sets. But it is the easiest way to make sure I have all the accessories and props, which will then be bagged with the clothes. That storage solution alone will take care of a few of the boxes I have left. Those pics will end up in the Garb Closet blog, and possibly a website gallery.

After that it will be time to group Chad's stuff together and go through the boxes that are left. I have things that I have invested some money into, but I'm not displaying them (like the Star Wars figures). I settled on Ebay as a solution for the comics, maybe the figures will end up there. Course, I have to get off my bumpkis and set up the auctions. :p

I had a setback last night. I finished buying a top and casters for the drawer set kit that is a separate unit. The drawers mounted on the wall needed to shift up, so there would be room to park the dresser under it. In the processing of shifting them, the entire set up pulled out of the wall. Luckily, it was separate from the shelves and I have drywall anchor bolts that I hadn't used. So tonight I get to put extra bolts in everything.

So watch this space for Back Bedroom: Part Two when I'm ready to take the after pics!

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