Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Home today and tomorrow

Politics in Louisiana; most times, it's best to do as you're told and not ask too many questions. Yesterday, Gov. Jindal says they'll close state offices Tuesday and Wednesday for sure and figure out where to go after the tropical storm/hurricane hits in one of his press conferences. However, we still were coming to work as if it was a normal day until our state agency head (Commissioner of Insurance for me) says who is essential personnel and who could stay home. Which was finally announced at 3:00pm yesterday. Why do they want to make our safety a pissing contest? I have no idea; I'm still waiting for COOP phone call to not tell me a damn thing.

T.S. Isaac is about 100 miles from the mouth of the Mississippi River.

My house (and current location) is the purple pin, and it is on some of the highest ground in Pumpkin Center. Our houses were fine in the Tangipahoa Flood of 1983, which set the flood stages that haven't been broken yet. The closest body of water that the officials are worried about flooding surge from is Lake Maurepas (the smaller lake to the west of Lake Ponchatrain) and I'm 8 to 9 miles north of it. Right now, it's overcast with a slight breeze.

I'm ready as I can be to ride it out. Now I'm going to bounce between writing and daily chores and listen to my boss on the radio.

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