Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hot Bod 2012 Post 5

Two weeks of exercising and eating mostly Primal (I think I overdid cheese and commercially fried chicken is not Primal, but I didn't order any Popeye's biscuits!) and if I had any progress it got lost with my period starting yesterday. :p TMI ALERT Feel free to skip On the upside, last month I was unnerved that I had an entire week of menses that did not want to flow out of my body. It was always dark brown and spotted the pads. I'm not exactly happy to report that this month that flow is back to its gushing bright red self because the cramps are killing me. I avoided taking anything for the pain yesterday because pain medication always affects the flow, but today I have a cramp and a headache. Fine, medication wins. END OF TMI Good news, I didn't notice any PMS mood swings or craved any chocolate, so something's working.

This past week I changed my vitamins. I had a few days during the first week where I couldn't eat enough. At least, I thought I had a reasonable meal felt full and had a rumbling tummy and hour later. First, I packed more snacks to the paying job. Then when I snacked at home, I started worrying that I was in a mindless eating rut. Second: added 1200mg of fish oil and 415mg of cod liver oil to the vitamins to balance out my Omega3s to Omega6s ratios. My hope is that they add to the fat = satiety. I also upped my potassium to 550mg after having leg cramps last week. It would probably be healthier to just eat bananas, but fresh fruit doesn't keep well in my kitchen.

Exercise: Habit is well on its way of being formed. The only day I came close to missing was this past Thursday when I woke up late thanks to interrupted sleep. Sore lower back is plaguing me too. I don't feel it sitting down, which worries me that my desk job and weight have knocked it off kilter. It's not a sharp while in use pain, more like a dull ache over the back of my hips that makes me what to pop joints.

Last week's goal was to fin a better spot for the wall squat and I did, but I don't feel like I'm progressing as I should. A feel strengthened when the scale nor the measurements didn't really move this week. (For my mental health, I'll post those results on a monthly basis so not to get discouraged.) I don't think it's my impatience showing, but I'm reviewing Primal Blueprint Fitness to double-check what I'm doing.

Problems: Not spending enough time exercising: *Snort* I should have realized it was going too easy. The three Move Slowly days, which I've been doing yoga on) need to equal 3 – 5 hours of low aerobic activity for the week. Yoga is not enough. But what to fill in the rest of the time with?

Walking is an approved exercise; I miss walking. My neighborhood is not set up for walking. More sidewalks were laid down around the park at work, but we're in the 90 degrees (F) is low temps for the day part of the year. Yes, I realize these sound like excuses.

What about more yoga? I have DVDs that I haven't used in years. Okay that's my new plan for Move Slowly Days: yoga routine in the morning fresh out of bed. Yogilates DVD when I get home before supper. I'll buy another yoga mat for the living room too.

Lifting Heavy Things: Oops, I'm supposed to do two sets of the exercises. I can progress to the next level when I meet the goal for the exercises during both sets.

Sprints I need to do longer and more off. Full out jump rope, rest, repeat until fifteen minutes are done.

Not doing the movement right: I reviewed Mark's video and discovered I was trying to keep my feet positioned for a regular squat and the stance should be wider for a wall squat. I'll fix that for next week.

I've got a lot to work on next week, but I can do it.

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