Monday, June 11, 2012

Hot Bod 2012 Post 3

Break time is over; it's time to get in shape.  Between wedding dress appointments for my baby sister, she and our mother kept finding lovely sundresses for me in my current size. I loathe my current shape of all belly and it's all because I'm lazy to do what I know I have to do. Don't reward that, people! Time to move Hot Bod project to the front of the list.

So that was the first motivator to pick up my slack. The second was waking up this morning and realizing since moving the portabe AC unit into the bedroom and moving my bedroom furniture to make room I now have room for the yoga mat in the bedroom. I have tried using the living room as the exercise area and it's just too easy to ignore it in the morning since none of the rest of the morning routine uses the room. I can literally roll out of bed and exercise by moving the task to the bedroom.

Along with kicking my ass in gear with exercise, I'm restarting primal eating and avoiding sugar when I next buy food. Today is off to a decent start, I have avoided the vending machines so far.

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