Friday, September 21, 2012

Okay, it's a good weird

I've been fighting to reset my natural rhythms for how long now. Not exercising, playing catch up on the chores, basically skating by with the bare minimum I needed to survive. That all ended on Monday. I got up and exercised, my day ran on time, got stuff done once I got home, checked off more on the daily to do list than I can remember when. And the streak has lasted a week, though I ended up skipping exercising this morning to roll a rolling pin over my right leg instead. The right thigh has tightened up something fierce and I figured it is probably some deep tissue knots.

The left shoulder, I may have to see a doctor. It hurts in various movements and I worry that it shifted out of place again.

My conclusion: it took me all of August to recover from the mess that was July.

Plans for the weekend: Go get blood work done since I didn't remember to do it back in August, and then finish getting the cavities filled. I think Mom was hinting that I should goes clothes shopping with her since Penny's has a great sale on, but I must be firm and tell her there is no money for clothes this month. I don't know if it's her standard Kindra keeps wearing the same stuff (by design with Project 333 and desire to actually wear clothes out and lose weight before getting more) or if she's feeling anxious I haven't gotten my wedding outfit together yet. I want to lose weight and buy something I've always had my eye on and that takes time. At least the weight part. :p I just noticed that I beeline to Calvin Kline dresses, especially the classic sleeveless numbers. But I ain't paying for one until the gut sticks out less than my boobs, even if it's for a killer price at TJMaxx.

My mp3 took one last fall and broke the battery portion of the case, so now it's a flash drive with volume control buttons on the side. At some point, I need to go look at Best Buy and see what is available now. I tried researching online, but the features I like and now consider vital aren't the ones that are listed in the feature blurbs. I'll probably ended up buying it from Best Buy so I don't feel bad about the showcasing a month or two early.

Writing: The Dark Knight Rises hasn't let go yet. *Shrugs* I ain't fighting it, but this weekend I want to see where I have left off the original writing projects. I still don't have a fix for the can't use TiddlyWiki at the paying job problem. The other goal for the weekend is to clean out the story projects crate, where a lot of stories have sat in various stages of completion, and to get them completed. I've been chipping away at that pile this week too.

That's all I've got for this post. I may spend the rest of the day wondering what my home office would look like with empty inboxes.

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