Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hot Bod 2012 Post 8

Despite the week of hell and not getting proper sleep or exercise, my weight dropped to 185.5 lbs. Right now, I'm attempting to soak up some sun to keep me in a good mood for the upcoming week. Some changes I need to make the next time I attempt this: 1) buy a lawn chair (all the ants in the grass are visiting my yoga mat and towel), and 2) set up in one of the side yards because the oak tree keeps the front yard super shady until about 1pm.

Yesterday was the worse case of exhaustion I have had in years. I nearly slept for twelve hours and only got dressed to go grocery shopping. Then I had to fight with the Inner Workaholic who kept pushing that I wasn't getting website work done, I wasn't getting stories written, I wasn't washing dishes. I should have made yesterday the lay out in the sunshine day, but I was too tired to rub on the oil.

Today is better. Not only am I taking enforced outside time and plan on putting myself to bed at 7pm--with a blindfold because of Daylight Savings Time--I feel awake enough to deal with creative tasks, find the kitchen again, and cook meals for next week.

Next week: I have to have three meals for five days prepped to brown bag. Monday I have a massage session scheduled and will probably be the only day I get home at a decent hour. I already pack breakfast and lunch, but bringing supper will keep my eating normal. I tweaked my schedule to keep exercising. And I need to strictly limit the caffeine and see if that helps.

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