Monday, July 02, 2012

Hot Bod 2012 Post 6

Lesson #1: Do not try to implement changes to exercise program during that special week of the month. You'll be lucky if you can maintain what you've already started.

Lesson #2: The exercise routine travels well (except for the Yogilites DVD). But if you don't DO them, it doesn't count.

Lesson #3: 80/20 rule of moderation is most definitely in effect for travel weekends. However, if I'm going to be going every other week to participate in the RPG, I will need to shop/cook stuff I can have.

Despite the setbacks, my weight dropped to 188 lbs!

Given that I ate more fried chicken than I probably should (limited options and all that), I was expecting another week at 191. So this was a great surprise to start the week.

My goals for this week: add in the more exercises I wanted to last week and keep an eye on my back. Some muscles are triggered that I didn't even know were and I can't tell this morning if it's getting better or worse.

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