Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesdays Are Slow

I'm glad/relieved somebody sees progress. From my POV, it feels like I've been stuck in the same place forever. Last night, I wrote a letter to that terrified kid inside me--a therapy tip I ran across somewhere. I wrote another one this morning. It's a work in progress to see if it'll pay off later.

Tuesdays are slow at the paying job, so I got an hour and 45 minutes of writing done there before adding 30 more minutes when I got home. I tried to make it a full hour, but after staying up late watching TV Monday night, I'm about to fall asleep at my standing desk now. I also finally decided on an Excel workbook to collate my alien language work since I can't update the TiddlyWiki. Still growly over that, mainly because it makes no sense and I was just getting used to the program.

Other accomplishments for today: I now have the Wins File in a readable format. I will soon have music on my new mp3 player so I'll test how it does in the car tomorrow. Now I am off to bed.

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