Friday, August 03, 2012

Is It Really August?

Out of twenty-two working days, I had one day off (4th of July), 11 days of normal working times, and ten days of overtime. And I want to double check those dates because I really don't believe that's accurate. Meh, the paystub generator wouldn't show me the first paystub for the month and I have no time to fight with it now.

The home paystubs: I didn't earn any K-time before July 8. That matches the notes I kept on the work calendar. I earned 20.5 hours between July 9 and July 22. I signed my over time today covering July 23 to Aug. 3 and that matched my calendar notes. So now I know the overtime days are right. The bad thing about overtime is it is paid in K-time, which I can get paid for if I keep it long enough, or spend it instead of annual leave. Cash right on the paycheck would be more welcome.

It hasn't been all work and no play (though close to it). I made time to go see the Dark Knight Rises two weeks ago on the 20th. And right after I finished writing down my movie thoughts, I started a fanfic expansion of the ending--my first Batman fanfic ever--and have been working at it when I can for the past two weeks. I'm glad I finished the narrative draft of Stellar Gift of Death before this insanity started because I can't remember enough of it to work on it now. That'll come in handy once I get to edits.

Exercise time was spent sleeping and I haven't been watching my food intake as closely as I should have. August will be a regrouping month on the Hot Bod 2012 project as well as on housework. Don't ask about the state of my house. Yesterday I mustered enough energy by staying home and sleeping plenty to actually cook.

Things are quiet now, let me take advantage and type up posts.

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