Friday, May 09, 2008

Universe clue stick

Yesterday, ran across this post from Wil Wheaton that sparked that "I need to remember this" vibe in my brain as I skimmed it: yet another post about writing . . . and stuff

Today, I find this one at Elastic Waist doing the same thing: finding a community of writers

I'm terrified of my financial situation, I'm doggedly working at the ethnography less for the grade than for the "I promised people an explanation of things" and this is the explanation, I go to bed feeling like Alucard chewed me up and then spit me out and wake up not feeling much improved from that.

I think I'm latching onto the posts in hope that will get better in about a week. At least writing and schedule wise, finances still make me bite my lip.

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MerylF said...

Writing tends to be a lonely pursuit, but most authors seem to have a group of writer friends to bounce things off. It's finding that group that's hard.

KLCtheBookWorm said...

It was less the community for me, but the "having to force yourself to write." I had finally made huge head way on that at the end of April, only to have to set it aside because of the ethnography. Two steps forward, three steps back.