Monday, May 12, 2008

My Weekend? What Weekend?

May 8th: All my progress, my schedule, and my decreased stress levels have gone the way of the dodo. Poor dodo. And all because the ethnography must be finished by the 14th and I'm still in the hazy middle.

Just because I'm curious about it, the ethnography's word counts.
April: 595 + 253 + 165 + 2196 = 3209
May: 499 + 1065 + 449 + 604 + 653 + 1456 + 917 + 694 + 1573 + 413 = 8323

And I'm still stuck somewhere in the unending middle of the damn thing, worried about organization. I keep telling my brain there will be enough time to pretty it up after the text is done, but my brain doesn't believe me and keeps poking at it and bringing it up. Hence the eventually running after sexy vampires fighting undead Nazis. Hence why I'm jonesing to spend $10 to get blasted from a theater seat with an action blockbuster.

Damn budget. Damn schedule too. I was doing so well! If the school money situation isn't taken care of now, I'm really gonna go nuts.

Note to future self, next time when needing to cut and paste from notes, keep two files open--one with the notes and one with the official text. Less math that way.

This is getting hard. I want to stop looking at the train wreck, especially the meetings that I don't have great notes for. the meetings should be the dynamic focus of the this ethnography and I'm afraid I'm gonna flub it.

May 9th: At some point, I will have to make my Daily MITs for the weekend. Just so I have something else to go to for a break.

I like to think most of my pain is from fear of flubbing it as well as being tired of examining this portion of my life. It feels like rubbernecking at a car wreck.

May 10th: I have errands to run. Most important is to get the car services and inspection sticker updated. Now when I had a working laptop, I could do the writing I needed to do while waiting for the oil change. No laptop, so I don't leave the house until the ethnography is finished.

Yeah, today is gonna be fun.

5:30 p.m. now and I'm finally past the dreaded March 16th. Here's hoping everything flows smoothly to the conclusion. Taking a break to eat supper and probably play a game. I've wrote over 3000 words today, which is fairly damn impressive but I'm not close to being done. And the Internet is acting funny.

May 11th:
3:00pm Finished the rough draft of the ethnography.

Progress Bar from Writertopia

May 8: 153 + 304 + 615 = 1072
May 9: 857
May 10: 2568 + 302 + 173 = 3043
May 11: 96 + 773 + 1005 + 819 = 2693

April grand total = 3209
May grand total = 15988

*Whimper* No wonder I've been feeling like Alucard chewed me up and spit me back out. No wonder I've been ignoring every other project listed. And I still have to edit and get the text hammered into a final shape. And possibly add more to the conclusion because I don't want to discourage anyone who would like to try it as a business. *TWITCH*

I'm not worrying 'bout it now. Have a family outing to get ready for.

7:00pm: Back from Cracker Barrel and a good time was had by all. And some point I have to figure out next week's schedule, but right now all I want to do is not think for a while, especially what needs doing. I'm gonna play a game, then go to bed early and plan things out in the morning. That sounds like the best plan.

May 12th: And it was a good plan but I got distracted with the game freezing up on me, went to bed late, got up late, didn't pack breakfast or lunch thinking I still had money in the checking account. Had to take an indirect route into work because of a wreck and 18-wheeler fire on the Interstate, but still made it on time. And discovered I have nothing in the checking account.


A coworker has fed me blueberry bagels, so at least I'm not starving. I need to create a pantry stash at my desk too. I have stuff in the pantry that isn't doing any good at home. I'm more worried about gas though, I'm at half a tank now. The account info at the Chase private education loans don't tell you when it was dispersed, so I have no idea if it's really coming this week or not. I may have to take some time off because I have no gas to get to work.

Finish off the ethnography today. At least I have the option of emailing it to the professor, but I need to go to campus and spend the last of my meal plan money.

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