Friday, May 09, 2008

Number Crunching 123

Crap, May sucks beyond the Spaceballs' giant robot maid.

First: I took $30 out in cash from my paycheck Thursday and spent it all by Friday. I need to start doing some relative cost analysis. Some people may be wired not to spend cash, but I'm not one of those people. Especially when stressed and the chocolate in the vending machines is calling me.

Second: Sallie Mae denied the fourth loan because the tuition wasn't high enough. Tuesday morning, I called Chase Private Education Loans departments and asked for the tuitiion amount plus the full STEF plus some to pay off debts. (I'm well aware this is just debt shuffling at this point, but it gives me breathing room.) It was approved, I downloaded the paperwork, signed and faxed it that day. I'm supposed to get a check in the mail next week.

Third: Credit union rejected my credit card application. I was offered a payday loan to take care of my negative balance. "And I'll be in worse shape after my paycheck comes, no thanks." The only other suggestion she had was to take out a second mortgage. Not ready to do that yet.

As far as using any of the credit card offers in the mail goes, I want to see how my bill paying goes after I get the student loan transfusion. I'd love to be bale to set up living on last month's income scenario and not worrying about getting a credit card.

Fourth: Most of my paycheck was spent on bank charges that I so don't have in my budget. I hate to have to wait on a loan and get further in debt, but nothing else is happening right now to help the situation.

Fifth: The garage sale was washed out. We're going to reschedule once Mom had finished cleaning out her house, aiming for the end of the month.

Sixth: I haven't heard back from the hospital, so I guess that for a weekend job is a washout. I've been concentrating on school work before delving back into the job hunt.

Seventh: Internet income stream has also been on hiatus as I finish the ethnography. But it shouldn't take me too long to get it finished once I have the time.

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