Sunday, May 11, 2008

Iron Experiment Redux 18

May 10th: Yeap, same day, but not the full workout all at once. I did one exercise like the squats, and then went back for another session at the computer. I decided on this program after I spent a couple of hours sitting at the computer between writing the ethnography and cleaning out the email inbox.

May 11th: 18 is taking place over two days.

Week 47 = 189.1
Week 46 = 188.9
Week 45 = 186.2
Week 44 = 185.7
Week 43 = 187.5
Week 42 = 186.1
Week 41 = 184.2
Week 40 = 181.7
Week 39 = 181.6
Week 38 = 181.2
Week 37 = 180.7
Week 36 = 179.3
Week 24 = 188
Week 12 = 187.6
Week 1 = 205

I can’t decide if my legs hurt from doing fifty squats yesterday or if it was the fifty squats plus the InStrider Walker. It’s not too painful, but I don’t think I’ll be doing either of those today.

I need a bigger porch. Actually, I think I’m glad I’m not in a gym right now. I just did my bicep curls. Moving the barbell off the weight bench, I hit the wall of my house. The barbell hit the ab ball in my first pose, so I changed positions. Finish the exercises, and then hit the post with the barbell as I go to put it back on the weight bench.

Yeah, finished off Session A workout with 50 Breaststroke Level 1! Time for a new exercise! Woot! I decided on this one Exercise Ball Prone Leg Raises. I’ve been waiting to try it out for a while now, and I only have a week before the twelve weeks is up. Damn that time went by quickly.

Wow, now that was a good aerobic break. I don’t remember the last time I had done something like that; probably been a few years. I put on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack and did a funky dance mix with TaeBo punches and kicks along with using Downward Dog, Plank, and Cobra poses to go down to the floor and come back up. Heart rate really accelerated with that and no triping over my own feet trying to keep up with cheorgraphed moves. Doing that a few more times today.

Just had another go. My left side weakness does go down to my feet. I can’t kick as high with my left leg as my right. Oh well, I’m not doing it to look pretty, I’m doing it to get my heart rate up. One song on the CD at a time.

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