Saturday, May 10, 2008

Iron Experiment Redux 17

Week 46 = 188.9
Week 45 = 186.2
Week 44 = 185.7
Week 43 = 187.5
Week 42 = 186.1
Week 41 = 184.2
Week 40 = 181.7
Week 39 = 181.6
Week 38 = 181.2
Week 37 = 180.7
Week 36 = 179.3
Week 24 = 188
Week 12 = 187.6
Week 1 = 205

It’s been nine days between workouts. I’ve been stressing over the ethnography and forgetting exercise and maintaining a normal sleeping pattern, thus making sure I can’t wake up with enough time in the morning to workout. Then I feel so beaten up by the time I get home, I skip an early evening workout. And the stress from the ethnography getting worse as I reach the day I don’t want to relive in my mind and put on paper for everyone to see. I get fidgety and I don’t want to face the words.

So I decided to use all that nervous energy to good use. I spend 15 minutes on the ethnography and then get up from the computer. After cooking brunch and eating, now those breaks between 15-minute writing session are free for exercise. This will either break me or get me off of the weight slump I have been on.

So I completed a Session B workout. I still need breaks between rep sets especially on the squats and bicep curls. I still can’t get past 30 crunches on the ab ball. And since we didn’t get to have the garage sale last weekend, I spent 5 minutes on the InStrider and concluded I still hate using it. Next cardio session will have to be something different.

Considering the humidity, I didn’t break into enough sweat for me to feel it was an effective workout. My arm tremors beg to differ with me. Maybe I’m a little dehydrated, so I’m sucking down water instead of tea.

Next workout session will be yoga.

Okay, I did my yoga hip routine with pretty good results. It had been too long since I had done it though, my range of motion has decreased. Also from the state of my workout pants, I need to vacuum my living room rug.

Also all the measurements are updated, just in time for me to do it again tomorrow. :p

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