Friday, May 16, 2008

Number Crunching 124

May 13th: Monday was bad. No cash, no food (thankfully I work with wonderfully generous people ) and running out of gasoline.

So I was es tactic pulling out my mail when I got home. The mail carrier had rubberbanded the five envelopes for me togeth, but the one on top was from Cashe. I had it open before I got back into my car to finish driving down the driveway.

It was the disclosure statement.

I think I had tears in my eyes as I sat back in the car to finish looking through the stack of envelopes.

The last one was a check from Chase.

So I got Quicken updated last night, did my math, made deposit before work, have to make the second deposit before lunch.

  • Paid off overdraft in Capital One account, and left most blowing money in the account.
  • Moved the rest to credit union checking account to pay off overdraft and pay bills.
  • Paid tuition, paid off dental bill for the bridgework, paid off physical therapy bill, and paid off Waste Management from last year.
  • Will move this month’s budgeted amount for gasoline purchases to the Gas Account.
  • Will divide the remaining cash between all three savings accounts.
  • Will create a SmartyPig savings account (the new third one) to save the STEF money away from my hands.

It’s been a busy day for me. Now I need to concentrate on the ethnography.

1:15pm: Argh! The credit union wants to hold my check from Capital One for five days but will still charge me NSF fees if anything comes through.

Capital One can’t cash my personal check ‘cause ATM deposits don’t post until midnight.

What sucks the worse? After buying lunch, I only had $5 to put in the gas tank. I passed the Chase branch this morning to make the ATM deposit and dismissed waiting until they opened to deal with cash. I needed to get to work on time.

Please just let me get to a closer to home gas station before having to borrow money from my mother and getting her to drive it to me.

May 14th: I made it home on the $5 of gas, a little over a gallon. And woke up this morning to the bad news that according to the online Capital One account stuff the ATM deposit had not posted.

Called work to tell them I had to handle business. Borrowed gas money from Mom. Went to Capital One. Scared the teller by not losing my cool and using my pissed-off vibe. Maybe it was leaking. The check had a hold on it until May 23rd and no she couldn’t cash a personal check for the account.

“Why the hell is the industry still using checks if you don’t trust them? My checks are cashed and gone out of my account as soon as I write them. A check from another bank on the deposit I need now, and I have to wait.”

“Could you please speak to my manager?”

Didn’t because what the hell good that was going to do. Went and spent Lagniappe account money that I can’t get back at the campus bookstore, and groceries with the last of my food account money. Calmed down enough to go by a credit union and deposited the Capital One check into my account. This teller was nice enough to explain the hold that I already knew they were going to put on the account, so I asked her the same question I asked the Capital One teller. She only laughed at me.

I fail to see anything funny or angry about the observation.

Luckily, it ended up that my credit union forwarded me a balance of $200 to spend while waiting for the check to clear. I borrowed money from Dad to make sure nothing else bounced.

The rest of the week I held my breath that nothing would bounce and give me an NSF fee.

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