Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So Nearly Everything Sucks

Argh! Ay mates, International Talk Like a Pirate Day be here again. Amazing what Johnny Depp can do for a holiday. Shiver me timbers!

Sorry, boys, that's all I've got in me. There's not way I can keep up a whole blog entry in Pirate-speak.

After not going through Miss Snark's crapometer, I submitted my entry to Elecktra's Crapomete. It's posted at http://crapometer.blogspot.com/2006/09/query-and-page.html. My track record of sucky query letters is undefeated. The comments pretty much confirm that my first page is mostly info dump, and a lot that I chose with this universe... well... sucks. I'm not concentrating much more on anything beyond that because Scott Young is right, it's all emotional garbage and I'm not in a state to look at it without being emotional. And yeap I will be exercising all this out tonight at the gym.

I am going to whine about what Microsoft Word and Writerly just did to my text boxes. Oh the humanity. Ugh, just start over with that. And at this rate the first five chapters may never get posted to Writerly.

Onward to personal news: i don't feel like I'm going to fall asleep at any second today. Yeah for more sleep. I didn't get to the Educators' Guide last night; my brain shut off once I got home. Tonight should be better since I'm not as tired. One more blog post and then back to Faulkner's bio.

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