Monday, September 25, 2006

Exercise: I Still Hurt

I don't know if it was TaeBo or the ab ball or the all day in the car or all three of them together, but I started hurting by the time I reached Lafayette around 5pm. And I haven't stopped hurting yet. Mostly shoulders and hamstrings. But I didn't do any workouts yesterday and today is a class/rest night. I'm hoping the pain will have eased by tommorrow.

The weeked work-wise was good: the workshop went off with very little issues and what issues we had were minor logistics. Though I think we're going to have to pull everyone aside one at a time for costume stuff--i.e. what you need to buy and what needs work. The energy and play between everyone is good.

The fun-wise never really happened. Chad and my alone time was shopping and putting garb together which is technically the work time. After 11 pm, I went delirious and I'm pretty sure I had a blow up but I really can't remember. And I wouldn't mind the work so much except I get no recognition for it. None. And it's the only time I get to see him because it's "inconvient" to plan something for any other weekends.

I'm trying to be understanding because of all the health issues that ruined the summer for all of us. But I honestly don't know how much effort I can keep putting into the long distance shit.

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