Friday, September 01, 2006

Listing Things To Do

Updated Writing to Do List. August really wasn't that bad output-wise, even though I slacked off towards the end of the month. I'm still left with the question of how do I track revisions. A daily word count is easy to see how well you've done, but how do you know when you've done a good day's work on editing? When you're ready to through the manuscript across the room? Meh, I'm ready to do that after the first passive voice sentence in the Educators' Guide (and it's usually the first sentence). So how do you know?

And do I spend more time focusing on this question than actually working on editing? Probably, but when I have to produce an invoice on what I've accomplished in the time spent on the project tends to make me wnt to document. Anyways, I'm at work and ethically I'm not supposed to get paid twice for the same time. I've been recording details in the Writing Report Card but I think I confused it when the word count lessesns. It still works, so maybe I'm the one confused.

I have a lot left to do on the Educators' Guide and road trip with my mother. So I'm probably going to hear a rendition of the same speech on college homework over a break. And it's not like she doesn't work on road trips too.

Interesting point made by M.J. Rose. I'm doing my part. I'm the book aunt (and I need to get some bookplates made up too). Oh I'm going to make sure he watches good cartoons and learns stage combat and how to wear silly medieval clothings and buy him loud noisy toys to drive my sister wild, but mostly books. Classics, currents, everything. Because there won't be more readers unless we train the next generation to enjoy reading.

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