Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Plans for the week

  • Get more writing and editing done. Especially Educators' Guide.

  • Build new media shelves and put into place.

  • Cook and pack lunches.

  • Finish getting power tools to outside cabinet and organize tools.

  • Finish shifting furniture.

  • Class Thursday, so finish homework.

  • Start and finish homework for Monday night class.

  • Don't binge out on chocolate ice cream because the weekend your boyfriend said you could put on the calender in ink probably won't happen because of eye surgery in his second eye.

  • Take pictures with Atticus.

  • Take this week's measurements and put them and last week's up.

  • Enter in new books. *headdesk* It really didn't look like that many in the store bags. Honest.

  • What's on the chore list.

I think that's it. Monday, I got caught up in trying to play catch up on the Internet (I think I'm done now) and recovering from the all-day Sunday drive back home from Austin with sister and Atticus in tow. They're spending a week here to see everybody. I needed the time off, but nothing got done is the down-side.

Eye surgery happened yesterday. I got a phone call after everything was all done and they just got back to Lafayette. Which means the universe has conspired to cancel my alone time with my boyfriend for the six-month in a row. The reason it moved up is because the government says Chad's no longer disabled because he has 20/30 vision in the first surgery eye that STILL HAS STICHES IN IT! And people wondering why I'm snarling bitch-queen? I promise last of the screaming; I'll just get huffy about how the government spends my tax money. And why I can't make the Y-chromosone understand why I need some nuturing NOW!

Spent a lot of money on feet and books. I got New Balance 857 running shoes, a pair of Superfeet insoles for my work shoes, a Strassburg Sock that is more comfortable than a night splint, and my mother telling me to go to the doctor and get operated on. Right like I haven't done any research on what ails me and found out that the pain is due to a too-tight tendon tearing constantly and surgery maybe works on 2% of the sufferers. While going to a poditrist is probably in the cards, I want to see if the weight loss has an effect first. The Sock is already helping; I wish I had bought two.

Damn, I didn't intend to be so grumpy. I need to go do something decadant for me.

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Mez said...

Buying new running shoes if great - it really makes you feel good to get into them and move!

Hmm, I guess that means I need to stop being slack and run ;)