Saturday, September 23, 2006

Living Room Workout Day 1

I think overall it was a success, though I couldn't finish the TaeBo cardio workout. My wretched hand-eye coordination sprang up and I couldn't move my feet and hands in sync. However what I managed to accomplish did get my heart pumping. Probably not fr as long as I should but I'll work up to it.

I did get through all six exercises for the ab ball, but couldn't do the fulll 12 reps. I think I got 10 on most but the instructor would talk and I'd lose count. Maybe I just wasn't awake enough.

Tomorrow, I'm going to work with the TaeBo flex workout DVD. It was my original plan to alternate between the two, but I may have to stay with flex for a few weeks until I get movements down. Or find the beginner's workout on DVD.

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