Monday, September 18, 2006

Didn't I Get Any Sleep Last Night?

I'm guessing I overdid caffine or just got my sleep schedule out of whack thanks to this weekend. Kai and Atticus are home safe and sound, I'm probably going to start investing in IKEA shelves (they go higher), I didn't get to see Chad, I need to buy another Strassburg Sock and wear them on roadtrips, and I'm exhausted.

Lucily for the exhaustion, class waspostponed tonight. I can go exercise; get my numbers posted here (keeping track, just not reporting), finished the Medieva Art of War section in the Educators' Guide, and go to bed early. Actually exercise and bed early are the only two I'm sure about right now.

Zy's Novel progess: I'm almosy to uncharted territory. Some may know I started the novel in first person and got to chapter 10 before realizing first person wasn't working. So even as scenes and chapters have changed as I rewrote them, I always had something I was working from. Soon that will just be my outline.

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