Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Back on the Track Day 26

Yeah, I know I have been doing this for over a month now. But right after school started, I stopped trying to count and keep track of crosstraining as well as the two days I have to miss due to classes and motivating during the weekend. Gym equals walking time equals day on the program.

First Month's Stats
Taken August 28, 2006
Weight: 194.5lbs/88.22kg
Height: 61.5in/156.21cm
Waist: 101.90cm
Abdomen: 120.30cm
Hips: 112.50cm
Knee: 40.00cm
Neck: 37.80cm
Shoulders: 118.50cm
Chest: 116.00cm
Thigh: 65.50cm
Calf: 42.60cm
Ankle: 23.20cm
Arm: 30.80cm
Forearm: 26.10cm
Wrist: 15.50cm
BMI: 36.15

I know, I know, and I'm almost due to put the second month's stats. I do have some more changes in mind before giving into the dreaded d-word.

I got an ab ball two weeks ago. Tried to do a crunch on it as instructed by the DVD that came with it. Almost fell off the ab ball. Decided my abs need a lot more work. Currently sitting on the ab ball while working on home computer.

And I should note that I have been badly failing in my weekly exercise goals. I only exercised one day last week. Of course, I'm not going to meet my goals if I don't work out. But I also have to conclude that I SUCK at going to the gym on Saturday and Sunday. Setting aside that my past three weekends have been stuck in a car, I want to stay home and enjoy my own space. Getting out of the house when I have to spend 5 days a week doing that kills any motivations. But I need to exercise those two days hard to make up from losing Monday and Thursday nights. So I started thinking. I have 3 exercise DVDs that don't require any extra equipment than I already have. Two are TaeBo and one is ab ball exercises. I can do then at any time I want to on the weekend (as long as I leave my wind-down for bed time) but before I get involved in a project sounds great. And if I put a hole in the floor doing TaeBo, it's time to replace the floor.

Saturday will be a great time to experiment with this since it will be another all day in the car day once I leave home. I could get my exercise in before I leave and exercise when I come home on Sunday (provided it's not too late). And it would count as crosstraining since TaeBo and the ab ball workout concentrate on different muscles from just the walking ones.

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