Thursday, September 21, 2006

Inflating the Ab Ball Fun

After looking at the myriad of ab ball pictures and instructional DVD, I decided I couldn't properly inflate it with the hand pump included with the ball (however it is useful to torture Mustard with) and I should buy a real pump, preferably electric.

So yesterday was Wal-Mart trip, since I needed groceries. I had time to clean the fridge and cook by skipping gym. Found electric pump but it works out of a car. Helpful Wal-Mart clerk found an adaptep that allows you to plug a car chargers into a wall outlet. Made it home, cleaned fridge, had cooking orgy, and promptly divided meals into meal-sized Tupperware containers and stuck most in the freezer. Cleaned and then was ready to fix ab ball.

Took out the Bell electric pump. Took out the adapter and detroyed the packaging getting the adapter out. I really need to buy a new pair of shears that will cut though metal; the set I lost worked excellent on that plastic packagaing everything is sold in. The adapter works with car chargers for all cell phone manufacturers, Blackberries, and iPods, but does not work with Bell electric pumps. Ended up having to haul everything out and air the ab ball outside in the dark. By the time I was done and everything put away, it was bed time and I couldn't use the ab ball. *headdesk*

But I don't sink on it when I sit now.

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