Friday, September 15, 2006

Notes on the Week

9/12: 1319 words today on Zy's Novel (now that the Crapometer is over, I'm back to still looking for a title). It's not a lot, but considering the last day I got to work on it was August 4th I'm estatic about it. Also represents a happy compromise: I can't work on the Educator's Guide while at work, so free time on the paying job will now be divided between homework and Zy's Novel, and work on the Educator's Guide and other paying gigs at home as things winding down at night.

Okay, so this is good news now for what I'm afraid of beiung negative about. I love this story, I fall back into it with ease of production, the characters are fun to spend time with. So why the huge gaps of no working on it? What's wrong with me?

9/13: 365 words today on Zy's Novel. Not as good because of homework. I noticed my numbers for the Educators' Guide last night wasn't hot either but I'd have to stop and research, and get the cat off the open research books. And I only had an hour.

9/15: Now we're caught up to today. The new method of paying job, homework, writing, everything else, and then Educators' Guide writing seems to be working well for the homework. I got everything done on time for both my classes this week.

Yesterday wasn't a good day since we started testing the new program on the paying job that wasn't ready for us to beta test yet. It ate a lot of free time of the day. Today it's reading Elizabeth Einstein for homework. This weekend will be a kamikaze run to Houston to get Kai and Atticus back home. So at least I got some numbers up.

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